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Dhiren Ra'Kishan

Dhiren Ra'Kishan is The Khajiit King of the Vale. He was the founder of the guild and first crowned king. His crowned name is Dhiren the Conqueror. He oversees the military of the guild and all military related issues. He also manages resources such as food, weapons, and armor in the guild.

Raflorn Estrabach

Raflorn Estrabach is the Bosmer King of the Vale. He is the second crowned king of the Vale. His Crowned name is Raflorn the Forgotten. He oversees the domestic production and internal revenue portion of the guild.

Tamriel Will Be Ours!

Our goal in the Rangers of the Vale guild is to give players of ESO a great experience in being a part of a guild and to have fun. The Rangers of the Vale is largely a roleplaying guild, not looking at its members as what they are in real life, but as their character is in the game. A long term goal of the kings is to eventually build the Rangers to one of the top guilds in ESO. We look forward to participating in PvP battles and helping out our members in quests. Hail the Rangers!!

Elrohiir Swiftarrow

Elrohiir Swiftarrow is the Bosmer king of the Vale. He is the third crowned king of the Vale. His crowned name is Elrohiir the Shadow. He oversees the trade and alliances of the guild.

I, (Name), do solemnly swear to serve faithfully under my three kings, Dhiren the Conqueror, Raflorn the Forgotten, and Elrohiir the Shadow. I shalt never commit treason, nor betray my guild mates. I will obediently follow the tenets of the guild. I pledge myself unto thee my kings, integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all I do. Hail Dhiren Ra’Kishan! Hail Raflorn Estrabach! Hail Elrohiir Swiftarrow! Hail the Rangers of the Vale!

*Please note that none of the pictures shown on this site (in exception to the flags of the kings and guild) are owned by the Rangers of the Vale. The were taken to showcase their beauty and are each made by independent artists.

-Creed of the Rangers of the Vale


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